Go Tell Crusades

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STEP ONE: If you or your church group(s) would like to have a GO TELL Crusade with Rick Gage come to your area, can you answer these questions with a yes?

  • Have you been praying for evangelism in your community?

  • Is some form of evangelism/outreach already taking place in your community?

  • Is there an existing pastor/prayer meeting or ministerial association in your community?

  • Is there a willingness or desire among the various denominations to work together to evangelize your area?

  • Is there a facility in the area that would accommodate several thousand people?

  • If you can answer yes to all or most of these questions, present this opportunity to your pastor and ask him to pray about pursuing the next STEP himself.

STEP TWO: If you are a pastor or community leader:

  • Begin praying for the possibility of a GO TELL Crusade in your area.

  • Begin contacting other churches from various denominations in your area to explore their interest in having a GO TELL Crusade.

  • If there currently isn’t a regular meeting of church pastors and leaders of various denominations in your area, use this as an opportunity to gather them in a united effort to win the lost for Christ through a GO TELL Crusade.

  • Consider initiating prayer with other pastors and lay leaders specifically for a large evangelistic Crusade.

  • Please accomplish the above requirements before proceeding to the next STEP.

STEP THREE: What a GO TELL Crusade representative will need to know from you and your group:

  • Are the larger churches in town interested in an area-wide Crusade effort?

  • Would the pastors be willing to write a letter explaining why a GO TELL Crusade should be held in their community, and invite other pastors and lay leaders to attend a Check Out Meeting?

  • Is there a core group of pastors/lay leaders from at least 10 different churches willing to shoulder the oversight and responsibility of holding an area-wide Crusade effort?

  • Is this request to bring a GO TELL Crusade with Rick Gage coming from a cross-denominational group that is united in its desire to reach the lost in your community for Christ?

  • Are there Christian businessmen and community leaders who would be willing to commit to assisting in the financial support of a Crusade?

  • What is the population base within a thirty-mile radius?

  • Would the school system support the “On Track” Assembly Program being presented in the middle and high schools?

  • How many middle and high schools are within the same thirty-mile radius? What is the student population of those schools?

STEP FOUR: If you can say yes to most of the above questions, and have the necessary support, we invite you to request more information from the “Contact Us” page.

  • A typical community may take six to nine months to successfully prepare for a GO TELL Crusade.