GO TELL Crusade continues to have lasting impact in South Carolina

GO TELL Crusade continues to have lasting impact in South Carolina More than 600 salvation decisions are only the beginning Amazing stories continue to surface well after the Tri-County GO TELL Crusade held in Anderson County, South Carolina last month. Community obstacles were overcome as more than 30 churches in the county agreed to support [...]

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Texas churches see revival, community sees awakening

Texas churches see revival, community sees awakening By Carolyn Cunningham  West Conroe, TEXAS (BP)--About 600 individuals made spiritual decisions during the Montgomery County GO TELL Crusade in Conroe, Texas, led by evangelist Rick Gage. More than 10,000 persons total attended the four evening services, Sept. 18-21, at the Buddy Moorhead Memorial Stadium. Of the 600 [...]

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Botetourt Intermediate School

Dear Rick,On behalf of our faculty and students, I wish to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave at our school. Any one who can keep the attention of 625 seventh and eighth graders for thirty minutes has my respect and admiration.Your message on problems relating to drug and alcohol use was well received [...]

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Prattville High School, AL

Dear Rick,I want to thank you, on behalf of the administration and our students for having the desire and energy to do all the speaking you do at schools while you are engaged by a local church.I feel that our students are being saturated with the common ideas and statistics about drugs and alcohol. You [...]

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Myrtle Beach High School, SC

To Whom It May Concern:We recently had the opportunity for the staff and students at Myrtle Beach High to experience a presentation by Mr. Rick Gage. The entire program presented by Mr. Gage was high energy and realistic. Our students were most attentive and listened to the message that the speaker came to share. I [...]

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Jefferson Township High School

Dear Sir,I am writing this letter in support of the program On Track with Rick Gage. As principal of Jefferson High School, Dayton, Ohio it was a pleasure having Rick speak to our students. His message affected our students in a profound way. From Rick's message you could sense the relevance and impact his words [...]

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Fayetteville High School, WV

Dear Mr. Gage,With today's youth having to make life decisions at an earlier age, it is comforting to know that there are individuals like yourself that speak out to offer them a positive approach to personal decision making.I have received nothing but positive comments from not only students but also members of my faculty. They [...]

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Pearland Independent School District

Dear Mr. Gage,Pearland Junior High School has offered many assembly programs over the twenty years since it moved into the present site. Overall the faculty and students have been pleased with the variety and content of the programs.I am writing to let you know that the response to your On Track presentation has been simply [...]

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Amarillo Indepedent School District, TX

Dear Rick,Great! Fantastic! A down-to-earth approach to a very serious problem in our schools. Our students were attentive, alert and drawn into your program. Rick, you have an excellent character for this type of assembly. Our kids related to you better than any program we have had on drugs and alcohol.The real life stories you [...]

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Gulf Breeze High School, FL

Dear Rick:I want to thank you for taking time to share your message regarding drugs and alcohol. Your ability to relate to the students was very obvious and I was very impressed with the straight forward talk you gave to our student body.I would recommend you to any school and we certainly would welcome you [...]

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